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Hui Chuangxin | Changzheng No. 5 B carrier rocket made its first successful flight! Shanghai Power behind

Hui Chuangxin | Changzheng No. 5 B carrier rocket made its first successful flight! Shanghai Power behind

  • 2020-05-07

Yesterday (May 5) at 18:00, the brother of the "Fat Five" rocket-the Long March 5B carrier rocket successfully launched a new generation of manned spaceship test ship. The Eighth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (Shanghai Aerospace Technology Research Institute) undertook the development work of the four boosters of Changzheng No. 5 B, as well as safety systems and core-level supporting batteries, providing 90% of takeoff thrust; Development tasks such as the energy management system of the spacecraft test ship, solar windsurfing, measurement and control subsystem of the information management function, etc.

From the unusual weight-loss journey of the "Fat Five" family to the continuous launch of more than 4 months of missions, Shanghai Aerospace has selected elite soldiers to overcome difficulties and contributed "Shanghai Power" to the exploration of space for a new generation of manned spacecraft .

Shanghai Aerospace selects elite soldiers to overcome difficulties

Lose more than 700 kilograms to transport bulky "passengers"

The Long March 5B rocket is as fat as its "brother" Long March 5, with a core diameter of 5 meters, but it is about 3 meters shorter, reducing the number of second sub-stages and inter-stage segments. The bundled 4 boosters successfully "slim" more than 700 kilograms than the Long March 5.

The head cone of the Long March 5B rocket booster module looks like a triangular shape from the side, and it looks like a cute "little penguin" muttering with a small mouth from the front. The seemingly "little penguin" oblique head cone uses a load-bearing structure with enhanced strength, but due to its radioactive structure, the weight of the "little penguin" has always been high, and the structure accounts for 60% of the weight of the entire nose cone the above. After analysis by the designer team, there is the greatest weight loss space.

Shanghai Aerospace Long March No. 5 assisted the research and development team to work hard, and finally adopted a new structure in parallel to support the form, achieving a head and cone structure weight reduction of about 12%, nearly 150 kg. At the same time, according to the actual flight of the first five flights of Changwu, the kerosene tank has a large amount of pressurized gas cylinders. After discussion and analysis, the designer tapped the potential internally and reduced 1 in each booster of Changzheng No. 5B. A gas cylinder, at least 23 kg weight loss. In addition, after eliminating the post-processing pipeline, each booster lost at least 16 kg. As a result, the four boosters lost a total of more than 700 kilograms.

The "Fat Five" family is a fashion darling in the aerospace industry. In addition to the bright makeup of the red paint on the white background, the yellow heat-resistant "soft skirt" at the bottom not only has a high value, but also has "good heat resistance and high structural strength". , The structure is soft enough ". After successful "weight loss", each booster has a "height" of 27.7 meters, a "waist circumference" of 3.35 meters, and a net weight of 14.3 tons. They provide the main support for the Long March 5B rocket.

The "Fat Five" family is very dazzling in makeup with red paint on white background, and is the fashion darling of the aerospace industry

Six years of research and development of tail wing "body"

The structure of Changzheng No. 5 B large tail wing is currently the most complicated structure tail wing in China, and its technical indicators bear many national firsts.

The large tail is huge and simple from the outside, but the increase in area, volume and weight is not a simple enlargement for the process. Many process parameters need to be explored. The development process involves machining, sheet metal, riveting, welding, surface treatment, and heat treatment , Adhesive bonding and other process types, the process is complex.

The production process of the four-piece tail wing took less than 4 months, but before that, Shanghai Aerospace ’s tail wing development and production team has been fully prepared for 6 years. Technicians have successively carried out a number of technological breakthroughs and technological tests, such as large thickness and high strength rivet riveting test and other technological test work, which solves the technical difficulties in the production of key and important parts, special process control of bonding and measurement and detection methods Subsequent development laid a solid foundation.

The empennage frame and the empennage high-temperature curing mold tire are the most important technological equipment for the production of the large empennage. After four years, the tooling design team of the team tracked the entire tire production, grasped the production progress of the tire and the details of each production process, and finally accepted it smoothly.

"New Ship" Energy Management is Safer and Newer

The new-generation manned spaceship experimental ship energy management system is currently the only "double-insurance" power system in China. "In the case of a complete failure of the main power supply, the auxiliary power supply can complete the task independently. This is equivalent to two sets of power systems, one set of main power supply, and one set of auxiliary power supply, which can complete the task independently, which is equivalent to double insurance. "The new generation manned spaceship experimental ship energy management system chief designer Zhong Danhua said that the main power supply itself has three units with three independent controllers and battery packs. If any unit fails, the remaining two units can also be independent. Complete the flight mission.

As a PLUS version of the Shenzhou spacecraft, the 6-seater new-generation manned spaceship experimental ship is twice the configuration of the 3-seater Shenzhou spacecraft. The new cabin structure design has brought a lot to the docking of the solar cell wings and the cabin Big difficulty. After many researches and experiments, the research team determined that the solution of "air floatation platform + metal extension plate" will be adopted for the first time on the manned spaceflight model.

The new spacecraft test ship team has been stationed in the Hainan Wenchang space launch site since early January. Since the first flight of the Long March 5B was the first tough battle this year, and the new crown pneumonia epidemic raged, every test team at the launch site fought all out. At the same time, we will strengthen our conviction, face the difficulties, and win major projects.

Source: Xinmin Evening News

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